Deviation Studios
It's a fine line between different and strange - here's to careening past it with reckless abandon

Deviation - a departure from what is prescribed or expected  

Deviation Studios is an independent creative team, currently our group focus is on a simulation gaming project with the working title, pse-pse. is meant to be our collective portfolio.
Our projects span traditional/digital art, comics, gaming and music and whatever else we come up with tomorrow.

Azukasen's You Tube live featuring fan music projects


If you are interested in beta testing upcoming games, sign up for the Beta Tester Facebook Group.  


Even a deviant has standards...

Project working title pse-pse (pronounced "see-see") officially launched!
More to come...stay tuned!
The initial gaming release will be a simulation/AI demo.  

Check out the audio preview of "Congo" and "Deviate"