Deviation Studios
It's a fine line between different and strange - here's to careening past it with reckless abandon
Deviation Studios is an independent creative team, currently our group focus is on project pse-pse. is meant to be our collective portfolio.
Individually we also have side projects in programming, traditional/digital art, comics, and music. 

The Core Team
  • C. Kronenwetter - Production Director/ Chief Programmer
  • P. Ruhnke - Content Manger/ Graphic Designer
  • A. Ruhnke - Music Director/ Animator
Guest Artists/Musicians
  • Credits coming we post projects to the site
Joining the Collective
As with most fledgling ventures, we have more ideas than dedicated hands.  If you have interest in concept/pixel art, music, or programming we always have small projects that could use some attention and you can use to build your portfolio.
We aren't looking for more core team members at this time.  Since so far this is a labor of love, most work is on a contract/temporary basis as we can't offer regular compensation.  We also haven't yet mastered the art of virtual teams so we tend to work locally in central Wisconsin.  If/when positions open up for remote resources they will be posted here.