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** Even a deviant has standards **
Standard Deviation is the articulation of our ground rules and programming standards.
Standard Deviation is the core of what Deviation Studios is.  It started out as a gamer's manifesto.  Then we decided why just be frustrated gamers flaming the internet?  Standard Deviation will certainly continue to evolve as we grow, but the foundation will remain.  For gamers by gamers.
Standard Deviation - Last Updated 3-13-2014
  • High-end hardware should enhance gameplay, not be required for the game to function.
  • Chance should be used for determining odds not scaling difficulty. The game should not encourage resetting until you get a preferred formation.
  • Winning should not be completely dependent on chance. If I want to play a game of chance there are plenty of casino simulators.
  • A player's skill, knowledge, or expended effort should primarily drive increased success not pure time or money. Give me a game that inspires me to pullout spreadsheets, study strategies, creates community and debate.
  • There should not be one way to win.  If you follow X steps in order you always win. The game should account for multiple play-styles. And play-style should not completely determine success. Every action should have at least one opposing reaction. Why have 10 stats if building only one combination really matters?
  • I want to achieve, not just win. I don't want the game to end. I want to be addicted, obsessed and waste my life on a game. Hundreds of hours, not tens. If I finish a game in a day it better be a demo.
  • If I pay for it, want to own the game. If I can manage to cobble together a piece of hardware to play it, I want to be able to play forever. 
  • If I don't pay for it, it doesn't mean quality doesn't matter. Whether it is my time (beta testing, reviews), ad views, user-created content I have invested in the developer.
  • I want to be inspired to create content and shape the game. I want to inspire art and stories and create a universe and inhabit it.
  • I want to feel like I have underpaid. I want to feel like donating, pre-ordering and funding development.
  • I want to be heard, acknowledged and appreciated; not duped, tricked or strung along.
  • Rehashing is not adding value to a sequel, it is catching up to where you were and should just be the basis on which you build the next version. I shouldn't have to pay for the same (or less) content twice.
  • A game is not a transaction it is the start of a relationship with the development team. There should be continuity and a benefit to loyalty.
  • Don't design the game to fit the code. Don't design to today's limitations, find tomorrow's opportunities based on where the game should go. If it's already been done why are we doing it?
  • User experience and performance are equally important perspectives, determine where the two fail to meet and manage the gap (change infrastructure, expand resources, add new skills). 
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